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We’re on standby to help you have a stress-free experience from your vision to your vows. Booking your big day really is a click away.

*(What if) your wedding day could be intimate, maybe even just the two of you, and still be just as meaningful?
*(What if) you could share your vows somewhere and in some way this is meaningful to you?
*(What if) you could plan an entire wedding day around just your shared love for one another and adventure?
*(What if) the pressure to make everyone else happy could disappear and you could focus on sharing your love for one another in a meaningful way?
*(What if) you had someone to guide you through it all, from planning your outdoor elopement to ensuring your safety on an adventurous hike?

Let’s reimagine the intimate wedding together. 

Couples are choosing to do things their own way, and refraining from the traditional wedding. Elopements aren't what they used to be. Eloping  means you're choosing intention. You're choosing to make the day strictly about you, your love story, and what YOU want. 

elopements and small weddings aren't what they used to be.

INFO & Pricing

Ready to plan your dream elopement?

1. I try and keep the process as simple as possible. From inquiry, we schedule a Skype or Facetime date, OR we can meet in person for happy hour, or coffee (if you’re local), we have a consultation to learn all about one another, your dreams, and overall vision for your day. I will send you a custom proposal based on your elopement needs. 

2. We reserve your date, and plan your epic elopement. This includes all the timeline planning, location scouting, and vendor referrals.  Basically all the things you will need to make your day possible! 

3. Portal : Timelines, location recommendations, vendor referrals, permits, officiants, …the list goes on. Whether you’re keeping it simple by eloping or having a small wedding, there are still plenty of details to think about. I bundle all the important info up for you into a custom planning portal and am available to consult with at every step along the way. I have a few guides and as much (or as little) advice as you need to help you choose what is right for you!

4. We adventure together and create the most magical day possible. My photography style blends the intimacy of your day with the natural landscape. I try and capture everything from the close, intimate moments you two share to the epic, sweeping, wide shots to showcase where you decided to pledge your love to one another. I document it all from the moment we start together so you don't miss any of your memories. 

5. My goal is to deliver a gallery that drops your jaw, makes you laugh, and floods you with memories big and small from your epic adventure.

From start to finish, I'm with you every step of the way.

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Honestly, anywhere outdoors. I feel most at peace when I get to see the amazing world we live in. When you pair that with an in love couple, I am on cloud nine! If I had to choose, I'm a west coast girl through and through. Beaches are my favorite! Anywhere from San Diego, to the moody beach of the Olympic National Park. I'm obsessed with the richness of Sedona, and red rocks of the Southwest. 

Favorite locations to shoot?

Those who know me know I crave true connection and desire authentic relationships. It’s not just about saying “I do” to me. It’s about how couples get to that moment. I would have eloped myself if I knew it was a thing back in the day! My husband and I had a very intimate wedding in Sedona, AZ before they were even known or cool. Intimate elopements feed my desire to connect with people on a deeper level and let them be themselves. Being able to be there during those beginning moments in a marriage lights a fire in me that I didn't know existed. It's truly my honor to observe and be able to document it with my whole heart. 

Why do you shoot elopements?

I shoot Canon, and have since I started in professional photography 5 years ago! I shoot on a Mark IV, and carry a 6D Mark II as a secondary camera. I primarily shoot using prime lenses and have a range of lenses that suit different needs.  For example, if I'm  shooting those amazing detailed ring shots, I'll use my 100mm macro lens  When I need to open up and capture an epic landscape, I may switch to a 35mm.   

What type of gear do you use?

The beauty of eloping is that you can go as big or as simple as you want. The whole point is to have a wedding day with intention. Do you want to have a big floral installation? Or just a simple bouquet? 

The type and number of vendors you ultimately work with depends on how you choose to customize your day.  Whether you're looking for an elaborate and styled setup or simple elegance, we'll work together to bring the perfect team together to create the look and feel you're imagining.  I work directly with planners, officiants florists, calligraphers, and other specialists and am lucky to  work with some of the best.   

What kind of vendors do i need?

It's so hard to decide! You should pick somewhere that has meaning to you. Have you camped at the same mountain every summer? Or have you decided to elope with your closest loved ones and need a location that is easily accessible? 

All of it is doable! You just need to know the right questions to ask and a guide (ME!) to help figure it all out!

We don't know where to elope!
how do you decide? 

I'm here to help


i'll keep you wild

you keep me safe

let's plan your dream wedding!


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All Packages Include:
• 4+ hours of coverage
• One-on-one consultations to get to know you two and help uncover your desires for your day
• unlimited consultations
• questionnaires
• location recommendations
• Travel to any Washington location included
• Print rights to all delivered images, in an online gallery 

small wedding & elopements

Package options

***Payment plans available***

This package is great for couples, engagement, or  just because! 
• Online viewing/ordering gallery. 
• Location Scouting 
• Style Guide
• 2 Outfits
• 40 digital images with print release

1.5 hour session


adventure sessions

Package options


let's tell your love story


let's tell your love story


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